A. Who may avail of the service?

     All concessionaires with disconnected service connection.

B. What are the requirements?

     Full settlement of water bill,fees and service charge.

C. When can the service be availed?

     Monday to Friday; 8:00am to 5:00pm without noon break. 

     DURATION: one (1) day

D. How to avail of the service?


Client Service Provider Duration of Activity In-Charge Fees Forms
1.      Request of reconnection of service to the customer service assistant

Prepare statement of account

5  minutes


Joan D. Lazaro

Gil S. Rillera

LD Sacalamitao

Jose S. Niegos

2.      Pay the necessary amount of water bill and reconnection fee.

Accepts payment and issue corresponding official receipt

5 minutes GM Soriente 100.00 3 days grace period from date disconnected
400.00 after  3days - 14 days from date disconnected
550.00 15 days above from date disconnected
Working days
Water bill receipt and Official Receipt
3.      End of transaction

Prepare maintenance order & implement

1 -  2 hours Plumber / Maintenance
 End of Transaction