The Moncada Water District was formed on February 8, 1978 by virtue of the local        Sangguniang Bayan Resolution No. 10 and was issued CCC No. 060 on July 28, 1978 by the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), by virtue of their powers vested by PD 198.


     The district has an existing water supply system serving 76% area coverage in the Municipality of Moncada. There are about 4,050 households service with potable water in the following Barangays, namely; Poblacion 1 to 4, Capaoayan, Camangaan East and West, Camposanto 1 Norte, Camposanto 1 & 2 Sur, San Julian, Sta. Maria, Rizal, Mabini, Burgos, Maluac, San Pedro, San Juan, Lapsing, Aringin, Villa, San leon and Calamay and recent expansions, Baquero Sur, Baquero Norte, Tolega Norte and Tolega Sur.


     The Moncada Water System consists of six ( 6 ) deep wells equipped with submersible pumps, an old elevated concrete storage tank, two ( 2 ) elevated steel tanks and pipeline network.


     The Moncada WD also serves about 804 households in Municipality of San Manuel. The San Manuel Water System, on the other hand, consists of a deep well and an elevated steel storage tank, transmission and distribution facilities servicing 55% area coverage.


     The District operates on a 24/7 service routine on its two offices and manned by 18 permanent employees.


     The district management and policy making functions were taken over twice by LWUA in 1984 to 1985 and in 1992 to 1993. Financially, the district was ill-prepared when the first IIP loan started to be amortized in 1992. Even upon the second takeover, debt servicing defaults continued. Thus, in June 1993 LWUA extended another financial assistance by converting the district debt servicing arrears into 1.678 M Level III loan. Under the aforesaid arrears and restructuring agreement, the district implemented two-stage water increase schedule, first April 1995 and second in January 1997. This enabled the district to update its payments to LWUA and subsequently in succeeding years and was classified as CREDIT-WORTHY WATER DISTRICT and nominated Outstanding Water District in Average Category in 2006 and 2008.


     Through hard work and dedication of its personnel, MWD has been able to withstand the hardship and challenges of times and made wise use of its resources  to achieve its goal and objectives in providing the best water service to the people of Moncada and San Manuel, Tarlac.


     Management and technical work decisions rests on the shoulder of GM Rogelio B. Mina,Jr. and as of December 31, 2013 the district policy –making decisions rely on the following Board of Directors:




       Dr. Arnel Rivera     ( Professional)                 -   Chairman

      Dr. Gregorio L. Dizon  ( Civic )                      -   Vice Chairman

      Mrs. Corazon H. Valdez ( Women’s)             -    Member

      Mr. Lorenzo Balignasay ( Education)              -    Member

      Mr. Eusebio Afante ( Business)                     -    Member




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