A. Who may avail of the service?

All concessionaires of who want to request for temporary disconnection of their service.


B. What are the requirements?

Full settlement of water bill and service charge.


C. When can the service be availed?

Monday to Friday; 8:00am to 5:00pm without noon break.


DURATION: one (1) to two (2) hours


D. How to avail of the service?

Client Service Provider Duration of Activity In-Charge Fees Forms
Step 1
1.      Request for temporary disconnection

Prepare statement of account

5 minutes

Joan D. Lazaro

Jose C. Niegos

LD Sacalamitao

2.      Pay the necessary amount of water bill


Accept payment & issue corresponding official receipt

5 minutes Gm Soriente Pay total amount due Water Bill Receipt & O.R.
3.      End of Transaction

Prepare maintenance order & implement

1 - 2 hours Plumber / Maintenance


                                                                         ***** END OF TRANSACTION *****